I may have over 10 years of professional photography experience, but I think you should be aware of some of my other talents, such as:

    - Petting cats
    - Eating tacos
    - Flipping my hair in music videos
    - Mixing whiskey with other things
    - Ingesting said things

While I’ve been able to draw an impressive income from each of the above, in the end it was evident that nothing brings me more joy than creating visuals that tell a story.

I started out as a photojournalist in San Francisco, and today my work is centered around photographing people in Denver. I love shooting portraits and now also run a boudoir photography business, Aver Boudoir. I’m incredibly proud of my time at JPG Magazine, where as Editor in Chief I curated content submitted by an impossibly talented community of photographers worldwide. I’ve also worked with technology to help empower photographers with their craft. I could go on, but if you want to know more just check out my Linkedin profile.

If you have a project or collaboration you think I’d be interested in, feel free to contact me!